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Our streets are filled with poor urchins, beggars and vagabonds; What do these souls require? We might think that they require food to eat and clothes to wear and some money. But are these what they really want.

These poor souls don't hunger only for a piece of bread or a meal, nor do they thirst only for a glass of water. They actually hunger for love, for somebody to look at them, for somebody to want them, for somebody to talk to them and somebody to care for them. That's the Hunger to be cared for, to be wanted, to be loved.              Read more

Our Work

F.B.A has gained the goodwill and friendship of several social workers, police officers, hospital staff, railway staff and the general public; these kind people help us by either picking up destitutes from the streets and bringing them to our ashrams or by intimating us the location facilitating us to bring a new inmate to our ashram. Above in the photograph is Mr. David, a social worker who is a great help to us. Here he brings three men from the nearby railway station.
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