image sampleOur streets are filled with poor urchins, beggars and vagabonds; What do these souls require? We might think that they require food to eat and clothes to wear and some money. But are these what they really want.

These poor souls don't hunger only for a piece of bread or a meal, nor do they thirst only for a glass of water. They actually hunger for love, for somebody to look at them, for somebody to want them, for somebody to talk to them and somebody to care for them. That's the Hunger to be cared for, to be wanted, to be loved.

For these soul's Nakedness is not only to gain a piece of cloth. Nakedness to them is that loss of human dignity, that loss of the beautiful virtue purity, the gift that God has given to every human being; that beautiful gift of chastity and that beautiful gift of virginity.

For these souls Homelessness is not only to have no home built of bricks. It is being rejected, unwanted and thrown away by society. We often pick up people who don't cry of hunger, but rather they complain that their son or daughter threw them out of their own house into a dust bin. This is the feeling of real homelessness, unwanted, unloved!

Mother Teresa often recited of an incident, "One night about midnight a little child came to Mother Teresa's convent and was knocking at the gate. Sister asked "What has happened ? " He replied, "My father and mother are separated. I went to my father, my father didn't want me. I went to my mother, my mother also didn't want me." Then he asked Sister if she wanted him. She took him in her arms immediately. This is the terrible, terrible feeling of being unwanted.

So our poor brothers and sisters from the streets desire not only for food, water or a home rather it is for someone to love them, for someone to talk to them, for someone to listen to them.